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A Green Sanctuary :

With the ingenious design of a lush central garden by Gustafson Porter and ICN Design, Marina One boasts of a luxurious oasis in the heart of the city.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the CBD, experience a sense of tranquillity and serenity like never before. Here among verdant flora, Marina One is the perfect balance of a city within a garden.

Marina One’s landscaping draws on the diversity of flora found at various altitudes in the tropics. The conceptual abstraction of natural climate and altitude changes informs the planting intent where the Green Valley scheme on Levels 1, 2 & 3 create a sense of enclosure and intimacy of the rainforest, the Cloud Forest scheme on Levels 4 & 15 depicts the transition through a tropical cloud cover whilst the Mountain Top scheme portrays a montane forest at the Rooftop level.

Gustafson Porter :

Gustafson Porter pushes the boundaries of landscaping in the designing of Marina One’s landscape architecture. An award-winning landscape architecture practice, it aims for innovative 21st century design concepts by creating responsive, sensitive and appropriate connections between the building’s architecture and its context.

Gustafson Porter’s work has a reputation for being of the highest design quality, including Bay East, Gardens by the Bay [Singapore], Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek [Amsterdam], Old Market Square [Nottingham, England], Valencia Parque Central [Spain]. Their work have been recognized at:

  • The London Planning Awards 2013/2014 in Best Town Centre Project and Best New Public Space for Woolwich Squares
  • WAF Awards 2011 Future Projects/ Landscape for Shoreline Walk
  • EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/ Europa Nostra Awards 2010/ Winner in Category 1: Conservation for Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek


ICN Design International Pte Ltd is an award winning Landscape Architecture Consultancy covering the full range of services from landscape master planning to project completion. We strive toward an ‘integrated environmental design’ where all contextual, environmental and aesthetic design issues are a process towards well considered and compelling designs.

The passion of Henry Steed and Terrence Fernando for landscape design and the natural environment was the motivation behind the company, which they developed into ICN Design International. The company has been responsible for bringing to fruition every type and scale of landscape imaginable, from parks, waterfronts, city centre civic design, nature trails and conservation of natural environments, to exotic hotels and residential gardens in Singapore, Asia and the Middle East.

For ICN, the making of landscapes is a multi-discipline creative design process that goes from bedrock to the foundations of construction, technology and horticulture. Only then can new landscapes come together to make sensational places that look terrific and work well.

Marina One Singapore Landscape Architect Logo :

The team at Gustafson Porter have been designing beautiful landscape architecture for just 15 years out of their base in London. However, their influence on the world of landscape architecture can already be felt worldwide. With a string of awards since its formation in 1997, Kathryn Gustafson and Neil Porter have continued to push the boundaries of what can and should be done when designing contemporary landscape architecture.

With the appointment of Mary Bowman as director in 2002, the practice has gone from strength to strength, with the three founding partners and supported by Sibylla Hartel and Jose Rosa as associate directors. In 2011, Gustafson Porter Ltd made the transition to a limited liability partnership and now flanked by a talented team of cosmopolitan architects and landscape architects, they truly have a global presence.

Marina One Singapore Landscape Artists:

Gustafson Porters signature style can be seen throughout the globe, complimenting natural landscapes with contemporary design. Their acclaimed works include the 15ha culture park Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Valencia Parque Central in Spain and Singapore’s East Bay, Gardens by the Bay.

Every project starts with the experience through the eyes of the user, building layers of texture, colour and geometry to blend with landscape rather than challenge it. Common themes are water, plant life and natural light which engage and stimulate the mind. Designs with sustainability and environmental responsibility at their core have shown Gustafson Porter as world leaders in sensitive and intelligent engineering.

Thanks to the wealth of talent on board at Gustafson Porter, the team are equipped to offer services including masterplanning solutions to create sustainable urban environments together with their ability to offer landscape design and consultancy.

With the development of the Marina One project, Gustafson Porter have once again demonstrated their unique ability to marry stunning engineering with beautiful soft landscaping. This prestigious mixed-use development in the heart of Singapore’s business district will be a centrepiece to demonstrate the nation ambition.

More information www.gustafson-porter.com

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