Design Concept

Marina One Design :

Marina One,a new high-rise mixed-use development in Singapore combine a lush public garden with waterfalls, reflecting pools, rooftop gardens, and a cloud garden designed by landscape architect firm Gustafson Porter.

The complex is designed by Germany Ingenhoven Architects, known for its sustainable buildings with 2 towers of residences as Marina One Residences, 1 tower of Retails as The Heart and 1 tower of Grade A Office.

Marina One – The Green Heart :

Built with Green Designs in mind, The Green Heart’ of Marina One (65,000sq ft) is a vast array of sprawling greenery at the centre of the development comprising 13m waterfalls. It is one of the first developments of its type to integrate soft landscape into the fabric of the building.

Marina One’s public vertical garden or Green Heart, is situated between the four towers. Rising from the Green Heart are the Strata Terraces, Cloud Garden, Green Screens, and Rooftop Gardens, which are meant to suggest the changing environments that a person would encounter when climbing a mountain.

A massive new series of residential towers in Singapore will infuse lush greenery on every floor, appearing as a plant-covered mountain from afar. The vertical garden is designed with lower and mid-level sky terraces offering lush vegetation, spectacular waterfalls and calm reflecting pools.

The planting of Marina One Project is designed to create inspiring and multi-functional urban spaces to be enjoyed by all in Singapore.

The Green Heart, which is the center area of Marina One Singapore, is a proposed place for an upcoming sanctuary as well green civil place where communities can come together to spend some time.

Marina One Singapore’ Design Concept :

In the hot and humid tropical climate, the presence of this urban escape could make residents and visitors more comfortable in urban outdoor spaces. The protected interior atrium space would be lined with sky terraces that weave between undulating balconies, waterfalls and hanging plants.

Fresh air passes through all four structures with unique louvered walls, while plant life provides shade from the sun. The ground floor meets a reflecting pond, while the roof is lined with elevated gardens with city views.

60 per cent of the development will be office space, 35 per cent residential and 5 per cent retail. “City rooms” on the ground floor and on the second level present respite to the inhabitants. Residents can stroll on the public terraces, green gardens or beside the water features or simply rest on the sitting arrangements.

Marina One Singapore also received recognition for its sustainable and environmentally friendly project:

  • BCA Green Mark Platinum Rating for Marina One Residences
  • BCA Green Mark Platinum Rating for Marina One East Tower and Marina One West Tower
  • LEED Platinum pre-certified for Marina One Singapore East Tower and Marina One West Tower

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